Monarch Antenna's patented tunable antenna technology improves the reliability of the wireless link. SSA responds to changes in the RF signal environment by dynamically reconfiguring its electrical shape to maximize the Signal-To-Noise-Ratio (SNR). The technology is the product of a decade of R&D effort by Delphi Corporation and Michigan State University and provides an attractive business case for adoption in machine-to-machine communication, consumer electronics and military markets. SSA is a disruptive antenna technology enabling 3G and 4G devices to deliver richer content over a multitude of protocols and to offer higher mobility. In terms of end user experience, SSA has the potential to provide fewer dropped calls, smaller dead zones, faster downloads, and longer battery life. Besides staple consumer wireless devices such as cell phones, laptops, and routers, the SSA is an equally attractive solution for military applications. The technology has self-healing feature in the event of direct physical damage to the antenna structure through its adaptive and self-structuring capabilities.

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